Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

Meet our Nursery team.....

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We have two nursery classes; a morning class and an afternoon class. Miss Hastings is the morning class teacher and Miss Coles is the afternoon class teacher. Mrs Froggett and Mrs McElroy are the support staff for both classes and as a team we thoroughly enjoy working together to help nurture and develop the children in our care; ready for their time at school and beyond.

Nursery times:

Morning class: 8:45am – 11:45am 

Afternoon class: 12:30pm – 3:30pm 

We have lots of fun in nursery learning through play and we plan activities in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and follow the children’s unique interests. Our main focus for development is in the three prime areas of learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language and Physical Development), so that the children have a strong foundation to build upon. Each session we start with child-initiated learning time before a short adult-focused learning time. Children benefit from a variety of adult supported activities throughout the session to develop their play, language, listening and attention skills.  We regularly split into two smaller groups for our focused learning and share milk and a story as part of this smaller, nurturing group. The children have access to the outdoors each session and enjoy exploring our large garden and allotment area. To support our fine motor development, we have a daily ‘dough disco’ and get our fingers dancing so that we develop the muscles in our fingers and hands ready for writing. Our nursery RE curriculum is underpinned by our School's mission statement: Jesus said "Let the children come to me, We live and learn and love in His way". We start from the very beginning in nursery and teach our children how to join their prayer hands together so that they are ready to talk to God. We learn how to make the sign of the cross and we say our daily prayers and sing songs together. 

We hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting things we do on our nursery web page. We try to update this page on a regular basis so please come back again soon to have another look. 

Spring Term 2018

Friday 12th January 2018


Nursery Downloads

Fine Motor Leaflet

Monday 5th February 2018

RE - We are learning about Baptism

Today we took a trip over the our Church to visit our Baptismal Font. We talked about keeping safe and our plan for this. We were encouraged to independently get our coats and any hats or scarfs to put on to keep us nice and warm. Using our walking aid loop we walked across the school playgrounds towards the Church. As we approached the Church some children recognised it from when they have been there before. We entered the Church and were encouraged to be quiet and respectful, as it is God's house. We sang our morning prayers in Church and had a little look around. Taking it in turns we gathered around the font to baptise our baby doll, Evie. We learnt that Evie's parents want her to be a part of God's family and that is why she was having a baptism. Using the holy water we blessed Evie by making the sign of the cross on her head and repeating "I baptise you Evie, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen".
We then walked sensibly back to our Nursery. What an exciting morning! We enjoyed some milk when we returned and gave our little legs a rest by sitting down and talking about our experience. Well done everyone!


Dough Disco - January 2018

In Nursery we have been joining in with daily 'Dough Disco' sessions. We are developing our finger strength which will support our pencil grip development. It is really important to make our fingers strong ready for lots of writing in later life! 


Friday 1st December 2017 - Advent Art Day

Today we welcomed our special grownups to come in and help us prepare for Christmas. We had lots of activities to share with them.

We are learning how to play group games

Today we went on a journey to the 'big school hall' where we had lots of space to play with our parachute.  We were learning how to use our 'listening ears' and developing our ability to respond to adult instruction, straight away.  We had lots of practise at shaking the parachute at different speeds and practised using our 'stop sign' when directed by our teachers.

Wet Weather Gear

We have been learning how to get ready in our nursery wet weather gear so that we can enjoy outdoors in all weathers.  We worked really hard to listen to the instructions so that we could get ready:

1) Take off my shoes

2) Put on my wet weather trousers

3) Put on my wet weather jacket

4) Wellies on

Ready to go and explore the nursery garden and the big school field looking for signs of autumn, we all had great fun!


October 2017

All about me bags - our first nursery homework.

 We had our first weekend homework this week! We took home an empty bag and were asked to fill it with 2 things that were special to us and that we could talk about in small groups.  We reminded the children of the carpet time rules....'Good sitting, listening and looking' so we could take turns and listen to what our friends said.  We all had the opportunity to share our items.


Writing a shopping list

We are busily preparing for Cheeky Charlie’s birthday and have been writing a shopping list for all the things that we might need. The children were able to identify the initial sounds for the items that they wanted to write. They worked hard to apply their phonic knowledge and wrote the sounds they could hear. Great work children- well done!

Outdoor Mark Making

The children have been eager to use our new mark making tray to write in.

We have practised:

Copying the letters in our name, Making different patterns, Writing the phonic sounds that we know, Our number formation, Well done children you have been busy!

As part of 'Science week' and our learning about 'Spring' we planted our own sunflowers in nursery. As a class we talked about the importance of looking after our plant; showing care and concern. We learnt that our sunflowers need watering and access to sunshine. We discussed that we need to be patient as we wait for our sunflowers to grow and that we will be able to observe them over time, noticing any changes that they make. As an adult supported activity each child planted their sunflower seed into their own pot and we now need to look after them to help them grow.

We have had three visits from Debbie the Dentist who has been helping us to learn how to look after our teeth. We have discussed the sort of foods that are healthy for our teeth and those foods just to have as a treat. We found out that milk and water were the best drinks for us to have to keep our teeth healthy. Horace Horse visited with Debbie the Dentist and we helped Horace to brush his teeth and used a special mirror to look inside his mouth just like they do at the Dentist. We really enjoyed the puppet show with Clarence Cat and found out what happened to Clarence when she had too many sweet things.

Mothers Day Celebrations - Nursery AM Class

Mothers Day Celebrations - Nursery PM Class


As part of our literacy learning we have been recalling the different parts of the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ story written by Michael Rosen. It has been really popular with the children and generated lots of exciting discussions! Poor Mrs Froggett lost her teddy and we all helped her to find it, we were super detectives and had to follow the clues (footprints) all around the school to find her teddy. When we got back to nursery we found a bear cave in nursery with Mrs Froggett’s bear, it was great fun!

As part of our RE learning, we are going to be learning about ways we can all help to live out the words in the Bible: “Clothe the naked”. This can mean by donating things we no longer use to charity or by ‘wrapping other people in our love’ and letting them know we care about them through our prayers and actions. In conjunction with The Salvation Army, the Coventry Refugee Centre and Coventry Comfort Carers, the children in EYFS at Holy Family have created a collection of used things for the most vulnerable people in our community. The children worked hard together to fill our parcels and created some drawings to help make people happy.    We are so proud of them!


We are learning about Baptism. Today we visited Holy Family Church to look at the font. We were amazed by how big the Church is. Some children remembered going to the Church for special occasions. We took our doll Mary Ann and baptised her at the font. We all said “I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” just like Fr Pat would. We sang a song about Mary together and left in a very respectful way.

We had a great time preparing our classroom for advent with our grown ups. We have been learning about Advent and how it is a special time to wait for the birth of Jesus. Our grown ups came back to nursery and helped us to create salt dough stars, painting boxes green for our nursery Christmas tree and creating stars from lolly pop sticks. We enjoyed listening to Christmas music and getting into the spirit of this wonderful time of year.

During RE we have been learning about God our Father who cares for us. We have been learning about how our families are special people given to us by God to help to look after us, we have talked about our family and extended family and how they look after us and also discussed who looks after us at school or when we are poorly. The children have been able to explore our Doctors role play area to explore who helps them when they are ill and have shown care for the babies by bathing them and taking them for a walk. We have set up some special photograph albums about our families to share with our friends. The children have also worked hard to help look after each other e.g. helping their friend with their coats and welly boots.

We took part in World Nursery Rhyme Week and focused on five nursery rhymes:

  • Humpty Dumpty
  • The wheels on the Bus
  • Old McDonald had a farm
  • There’s a worm at the bottom of my garden
  • Five little monkeys

We had great fun acting out the rhymes with props and joining in with singing!

As part of our RE learning we have been looking at the wonderful world that God made and all of the Autumn changes around us. Lots of leaves had fallen from the trees which created a big discussion about the different colours of Autumn. We had our first visit to the yurt and said our prayers to thank God for our beautiful world.

We have been learning to use our new outdoor music making area and can make lots of noise! We have been experimenting with the different sounds that we can make and singing a variety of different songs and rhymes.

As part of our RE we have learnt about the Bible and listened to the story of Creation, we have also found out about our nursery Altar.  We enjoyed turning off the lights and just having the candles on for our prayers.

We have been joining in with the whole school to celebrate ‘Black History Month’ sharing some traditional African tales and ‘Grandmother and I.’ We have learnt about African music and watched some African dancing and made up our own dances. The Afternoon class enjoyed tasting some jollof rice, it was delicious!

We have been learning how to put the wet weather gear on so we can explore the garden in all weathers!

Our first homework was to fill our ‘All about me bags’ with two things we wanted to talk to our friends about. Our teachers were delighted that everyone completed their homework! We listened carefully to our friends so we could find out more about them.

We have been settling into our new nursery environment, making new friends and exploring all the exciting things that we can do at Holy Family Nursery.