Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

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On Wednesday 24th June, Holy Family Reception visited Ash End Farm. We travelled on a coach along the motorway, past other schools and fields and arrived safely at the farm. We were greeted by Farmer Kerry who taught us how to be safe whilst looking and interacting with the animals before beginning our tour around the farm. We fed the goats and ducks, held baby chicks, found eggs in the hens nest and even gave milk to a lamb! After sharing lunch in the big barn, we ventured into the play area and bounced on the huge bouncing pillow before making our way back to school. We had an incredible day and truly learnt so much.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came to help us on Gardening Day.  We were   truly overwhelmed by your support and working together we have made such a difference to our outdoor classroom.  Doesn't it look amazing?! The children are absolutely delighted and are very proud of their families.   Lots of parents have even talked to us about coming back to develop and  complete some of the children's ideas for their garden, and we will be organising this to happen over the next couple of weeks. 

Palm Sunday

Washing of the Feet

The Last Supper

Good Friday

E-Safety Day - Tuesday 7th February 2017

The children have been very excited and engaged with our new Little Red Riding Hood Topic. We have learnt all about the story, and even had some special visitors come to school- unfortunately they got lost of their way to the woods. The children had lots of questions to ask them! Outside, the children have had the opportunity to act out the story with their friends. As you can see, they had great fun. We even had a police investigation, with some evidence left on the carpet! The children were very excited to write what happened to inform the police of the key events and how the characters felt.

Since we have been working so hard in Reception to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birthday and with all of our other learning, we were surprised by a special visitor this afternoon.

First, we received a letter from our class elves… Sparklebell and Jack who gave us some instructions:

  1. “Put on your coat”
  2. “Put on your hat and scarf”
  3. “Creep over to the yurt where your surprise is waiting…”

We had a little think about who or what it might be, before creeping over to the yurt as we were told. You won’t believe it… Father Christmas made an appearance in Holy Family School!

We were all so excited at the magical experience! Father Christmas spoke to us about the true meaning of Christmas before asking us what was on our list. He even brought us a little gift. It was so special!

‘Come back to school for a Bedtime Story!’

All of the children truly adored coming back to school for their bedtime story. We enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows before listening to some of our favourite Christmas stories in candlelight. We even had a little Christmas boogie! It was a magical evening!

Every day after Lunch, we play quiet music while the children prepare to meditate. During the meditation there is complete silence. The children close their eyes during the one minute pause in the music. This is a time to be a calm and respectful.

Today we visited our church, Holy Family.

We call church 'God's house.'

We talked together about how we use Holy water to bless ourselves as we enter God's house.

As they explored our church with interest and fascination, The children were in awe of its size. They recalled previous learning about the meaning of a cross to us, commenting, "That's for Jesus; he died on there."

The children were encouraged to notice some very special parts of our church; The Altar, The Baptismal font, Statues and figures of The Holy Family and the benches where we sit or kneel to pray.

Finally, we knelt down and said a prayer together thanking God for His love and for creating our wonderful world.

Sponsored Welly Walk

Today was our sponsored Welly Walk. As the glorious autumn sun shone down, we explored the school fields talking together about the changes we could see happening all around us.

We crunched and stomped through the leaves with our friends and our walk ended in our school wildlife area. We toasted giant marshmallows on a bonfire remembering all the things we had learned about staying safe.

We made some wonderful memories together today.

A big thank you to our families and friends who have generously helped us to raise lots of money. You have all been so very kind. We are going to share this money with the Children In Need charity to help children who are not as lucky as we are. We are also going to choose some lovely new learning resources for our outdoor classroom. We are going to hold a reception vote to decide what to buy.

We discussed that we call God who created the world ‘Our Father.’ We learnt how to make the ‘Sign of the Cross’ and thought carefully about each action. As we said, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,” we remembered that God is in our heads, in our heads, across us and right through us. We spoke about how special this prayer is and how we therefore use it to begin and end every prayer.