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Healthy Eating Song - February 2018

On Thursday 9th November 2017 Year 2 visited Coombe Abbey as part of their Science topic 'Habitats'.

We had a fantastic day learning more about pond life. What different types of birds, fish and mini reptiles live there and how they survive. We went pond dipping and identified lots of different water insects, such as water spiders, water beetles and water-boat man.

During the morning we also went on a mini-beast hunt and spotted squirrels, moles, moths and different types of trees / plants too. We used magnifying glasses to look more closely at what lives underneath leaves, old tree trunks and grassy areas. There were mini creatures everywhere! We even collected them and discussed what they ate and how they survived.

Finally in the afternoon we listened to the story of 'The three little pigs' and acted it out using puppets. Then we were asked to split up into groups and build a small house made of sticks. It was tricky as we had to make space for a door and make sure we could sit our puppets inside when it was finished! It took serious team-work and we had to collect big branches and old tree trunk parts as well as sticks.

It was a fabulous day of learning, making observations about our local habitat and the creatures that live there.

History off the Page - 28th September 2017






2016 - 2017 

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