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Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

Meet the Year 3 Team...

Year 3 children have been learning fundamental movement skills in their PE lessons. They are learning how to create sequences of movements by using different parts of their bodies and changing direction. Children have been challenged to think about how they make their sequence more difficult.

We really enjoyed using the thesaurus on the iPads to help us find synonyms for words in a poem 

We loved playing the 'Nasty Game' where we had to force our opponent to make a higher number. The person with the lowest number won the game. It really helped our understanding of place value.


Children and parents enjoyed a lovely workshop and Mass to help prepare the children for their First Holy Communion.

Year 3 children enjoyed a lovely day working with Laura and the children from Cardinal Newman. We thought carefully about what the Eucharist means and how we share our lives with Jesus.



On Wednesday 29th March year 3 joined forces with children from Whitmore Park (year 3) and Parkgate (year 5) to sing songs and play tuned and untuned instruments based on the theme of ‘space’. Children dressed up as aliens, astronauts or star wars characters. It was a great morning!

We welcomed parents and carers into school to work with their children and help prepare them for their first confession. We talked about forgiveness and learnt some key vocabulary about Reconciliation.

Year 3 took part in an investigation about how water travels through a flowering plant. We used food dye in the water and put a flower in both warm and cool conditions. We found out that water travels best in a warm environment.

We also had great fun in the science dome where we learnt all about volcanoes and how they are formed. As well as enjoying a brilliant birds of prey presentation.


Today Year 3 had the fantastic opportunity to use virtual reality headsets. The children went on a ‘google expedition’ back in time to see how fossils were formed millions of years ago! The children were fully immersed in virtual reality and encountered different types of dinosaur from museums around the world. We talked about what a palaeontologist is and what equipment they use to preserve fossils and find out about the past.


Laura Kemp and the chaplaincy team from Cardinal Newman spent the day with year 3 to help them prepare for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  We were very proud of the way the children behaved; they were very respectful and reverent, showing great team work in all the activities.

We reflected on how we can be a good friend and the activities helped us to see that God always forgives us, when we make the wrong choices. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and would like to say a massive thank you to Laura and the students from Cardinal Newman for all their hard work.


In preparation for Advent we have enjoyed a fantastic Advent activity day on Friday 25th November. We made some beautiful decorations for our classrooms and for the large Christmas tree in the Key Stage 2 hall.  We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who came into school to support our children in their activities. The children did a brilliant job helping to make the Advent wreaths for our classrooms.

We also had our Advent assembly on Monday 28th November where Father Pat came and blessed all of the Advent wreaths and the first purple candle on each wreath was then lit. Three children from each class placed the handmade star decorations from our activity day, onto the tree. Children from year 3 also took part in presenting figures for the crib; which was then blessed by Father Pat, concluding our Advent preparations.

To mark the end of the Year of Mercy we enjoyed a full retreat day called ‘We will go out’. The children learnt lots of new hymns and talked about how they will go out to spread the word of God and be Disciples.

In art this term we have been developing our sketching technique with pencil and charcoal. We are preparing to create our own Stone Age cave paintings.

In Year 3 this term we have been researching the Stone Age. We had a fantastic day with Dom from ‘portals to the past’ who came into school to teach us all about the Stone Age. We imagined what life would be like for people in the Stone Age and had a go at ‘hunting’. We also worked together to identify different items from the Bronze Age.

In numeracy this term we have been learning about money and the value of UK coins and notes. We are now able to add amounts of money and understand how much change we should receive. Also this term we have been learning about fractions and some of us have been working on our number bonds to 10.

In Literacy some of us have been learning about the key features of an information text. We are now able to identify a heading, section and general statement in a text. We have also been writing our own holiday A to Z and have been learning how to organise our writing in alphabetical order.


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