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Spring Term 2017

Year 6 Confirmation - Tuesday 7th February 2017

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Autumn Term 2016-2017

During WW2, because Britain was an island, we a natural protection from invasion. Instead, Hitler decided to cut-off supplies to the country by sinking any large ships that were near our shores. This meant that we suffered from massive food shortages and the government were forced to initiate the 'Dig for Victory' campaign.

The children researched what 'Dig for Victory' campaign was and with the help of Holy Family Parent helpers created, and made, a soup recipe based on the vegetables which were grown in thousands of gardens, allotments and public places all over Coventry and Britain.

The Treaty of Holy Family

Following the end of WW1, the Allied Nations met in Paris at the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 to decide the fate of Germany and the Central Powers. The meeting took place at the Palace of Versailles, hence became known as the Treaty of Versailles. Although a number of nations took part in the negotiations, the major decisions and discussions were between the leaders of the "Big Four" nations which included Georges Clemenceau (Prime Minister of France), David Lloyd George (Prime Minister of Great Britain), Woodrow Wilson (President of the United States), and Fredrick Elbert (The German Chancellor). The negotiations were extremely complex and difficult, and many believe the decisions made there, led directly to why the world fell into a second world war.

On the video you can see each child was given a role to play and a country to represent. They used their knowledge of events plus their insight into what dangers lay ahead and what their own people demanded. The children negotiated their own treaties… to become known as ‘The Treaty of Holy Family.’