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Welcome to Year 4

Meet the Staff

All children have been given a hard copy of My Activity Passport. Lets see how many they can tick off their list! To download a printable copy please click the image below

For maths this week we are continuing with our place value unit. Below you will find links to online videos or the teaching slides. You will also see on the list of documents are the Powerpoint version of the teaching slides if you want to go through it yourself, plus the worksheets to use as part of the lesson. The ‘On’ worksheets are designed to be printed and written ‘On’ and the ‘OFF’ worksheets are designed to be looked at and answered on different paper, so better if you can’t print them.

Mon - Lesson 5 teaching slides video link

Tues - Lesson 6 teaching slides video link

Wed - Lesson 7 teaching slides video link

Thurs - Lesson 8 teaching slides video link

Fri - Lesson 9 teaching slides video link

Here are the maths sheets you will need for each lesson. Lesson 5 is Monday's - Lesson 6 is Tuesday and so on.

Lesson 7 is a investigation type lesson and doesn't have a worksheet but the blank Place value grid will help or you could just draw one on a piece of paper.

Please let Mrs Ward or Mr Richardson know if you have any queries about any of this.

The Literacy for this week is Float. We feared that we may have some home-learners so we have purposely chosen a full scheme whihc we created during last years lockdown. Hopefully this means it should be easy for you to follow - see below

 08 write ON-1000s-100s-10s-and-1s-2019.pdfDownload
 09 teaching slides-Partitioning.pptxDownload
 09 work OFF-Partitioning-2019.pdfDownload
 09 write ON-Partitioning-2019.pdfDownload
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Lesson 1 and 2 - Making a paper Airplane.

Lesson 4 - Plot point 1 

Lesson 6 - Plot point 3

Lesson 8 - Plot point 5

Lesson 10  Plot point 7

Lesson 12 -Plot point 9

Lesson 14 - Editing and reviewing your story of Float.

Making a paper boat instructions

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There is no lesson 3 as the children will not be able

to access it from home.   

Lesson 5 - Plot point 2

Lesson 7 - Plot point 4

Lesson 9 - Plot point 6

Lesson 11 - Plot point 8

Lesson 13 - Plot point 10

New Science units on Developing Experts



We will let you all know via dojo when the first Science units and classes have been set up on Developing experts so you can use it. 

You will be set 10 tasks per week to do as a minimum. However you should also explore and challenge yourself to complete more.

Click on image - type in Holy Family and choose the one with the Coventry postcode. Your pupil number is your Mathletics Password.

If you have not used the science 'Developing Experts' site yet-This video will help.

Every Monday there will be a reading eggs comprehension and a spelling task set for homework.

Please complete both of these activities by Sunday.

The BBC bitesize website has hours and hours of fantastic, easy to watch, little lessons. You'll find expert teachers, brilliant videos and the best bit is it's all in small 'bitesize chunks'...... Explore, enjoy and let us know what you learnt.

Click on the image above to be taken to the BBC's history podcasts for children. There are 13 of them and they are truely excellent. They are around 15 min each and are enjoyable, fun while being really educational.

(Note - The first time you use any BBC resource you may need to get your parents to log you onto BBC iplayer but you'll only need to do this once)