Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

Rewards System



Favourable comments can and should be entered on pieces of work, (see Marking Policy).

Written School Reports should comment favourably on good work, behaviour, involvement in and general attitude to school life, (see Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy).

Recognition can be given to success of differing kinds in assemblies, e.g. presentation of swimming and cycling proficiency awards etc.

Children’s work can/should be displayed as much as possible both in the classroom and corridors of the school (see Display Policy).

A visit to the Headteacher for commendations.

Specific privileges can be awarded to individuals/groups of children, e.g. in the use of school facilities, (computers, library, games equipment, etc.).

Opportunities for giving children greater responsibility in school should be fostered e.g. Playtime Pals, Monitors, School Council etc.

Above all, praise and encouragement in and out of lessons should be used as much as possible.

Whole School Reward System: ‘Smileys’

As well as the rewards listed above the school has designed and adopted a consistent approach for rewarding and encouraging good behaviour, effort and manners based on the collection of ‘Smileys’. Smiley tokens may be awarded for any actions, deeds or attitudes which are deemed noteworthy and may include :-

 Particularly good work/effort. ·

Displaying good manners.

Displaying a caring attitude towards others.

Staying on task etc.

They are intended to help staff focus on positive rather than negative behaviour e.g. if a child is continuing to stay on task when a partner is trying to distract him, staff may choose to reward the child on task rather than apply a sanction to the child who is not.


The reward system is graded as follows:-


Any noteworthy behaviour    1 Smiley (recorded on class chart)

  • 10 smileys = stamp on child’s individual achievement card – class teacher
  • 100 smileys = Bronze award (shield sticker) presented by Phase leader plus a praise postcard
  • 200 smileys = Silver award (shield sticker) presented by Head plus a praise postcard
  • 300 smileys = Gold award (shield sticker) – presented at key stage assembly. Parents invited to see presentation.
  • Staff will write comments on individual achievement cards when shields awarded. Parents will be asked to add their comments. If parents don’t pick up/drop off children a copy will be sent home for parents to write on & the comments copied onto the original.
  • If all children in a class achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold awards they may have an appropriate class treat of their choice (party, disco, extra art/PE etc) The reward should reflect the achievement, e.g.Silver – up to half a day 
  • Gold – up to a full day
  • Bronze – one session
  • Certificates (merits) – ‘Going for green’ assembly for praise & recognition of children who have made particularly good progress or Attainment, Achievement or Attitude.


A ‘smiley’ can be awarded by any staff member to any child at any time. All staff should carry ‘Smileys’ at all times to reward and reinforce positive behaviour as it occurs. This reinforces our philosophy that the care of all our children is the responsibility of all adults in school.


A weekly ‘Going for Green’ assembly is dedicated for the praise and recognition of children who have made particularly noteworthy progress for Attainment, Achievement or Attitude.

Class of the Week

Each class starts with 20 points. Additional class points may be earned for good behaviour e.g lining up sensibly at break times, moving quietly around the building, showing good manners if another adult comes into class, including behaviour for supply or specialist teachers. Class teachers cannot award points to their own class – points can only be awarded by other members of staff. Points can be deducted by the class teacher or other teachers/TAs. Results are announced in Friday assembly and the class with the highest score at KS1 and KS2 receives the ‘Class of the Week’ trophy and an appropriate class treat of their choice i.e. additional playtime, choosing time etc.

Any class which wins Class of the Week for three consecutive weeks also receives a trophy, to keep for the whole of the academic year. Also awarded are ‘Class of the Term’ and ‘Class of the Year’.