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Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

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Main School Newsletter

Santa Visit

Since we have been working so hard in Reception to prepare our hearts for Jesus’ birthday and with all of our other learning, we were surprised by a special visitor this afternoon.

First, we heard some bells coming from outside. We thought for a little while about who or what it might be, before creeping over to the yurt to find out. You won’t believe it… Father Christmas made an appearance in Holy Family School!

We were all so excited at the magical experience! Father Christmas spoke to us about the true meaning of Christmas before asking us what was on our list. He even brought us a little gift. It was so special!

Sponsored Welly Walk

November 2019

We had lots of fun on our sponsored Welly Walk and spent a long time discovering our natural environment. We looked at all the signs of autumn and collected lots of different coloured leaves. We had a competition to see who could catch a falling leaf! One of the best parts was toasting marshmallows on our 'campfire.' They were delicious!

We said a prayer to God to thank Him for creating our beautiful world.

Below are some of the children’s comments.

“I loved eating marshmallows.”

“I liked picking the leaves.”

“We made some leaf boats.”

“We caught the leaves. I caught 15!”

Thank you to all our families for your generous sponsorship, we really appreciate your support. 



“We had a busy and fun week learning about Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. We learned about the story of Rama and Sita and how good overcame evil. Using salt dough and sequins, we created our own diva lamps and we also made rangoli patterns using coloured rice. We did some Diwali themed counting and practised our Bollywood dancing too.

We cooked aloo tikkis (potato and rice flour patties) and tasted poppadoms with mango chutney. It was fun learning about all the different customs and celebrations as part of our British and Gospel Values of Mutual Respect and Tolerance.” 

Today in Reception, we had our first ever PE lesson. We tried our hardest to get undressed independently and put our PE kits on. We had such fun!

Every day after Lunch, we play quiet music while the children prepare to meditate. During the meditation there is complete silence. The children close their eyes during the one minute pause in the music. This is a time to be a calm and respectful.

Today, we enjoyed our first school lunch in Reception. We tried really hard to remember our table manners and to use a knife and fork. The food was delicious!