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Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Jesus said, "Let the children come to me." We live and learn and love in His way.

YEAR 6 LEAVERS: Please scroll to the bottom of the page for your photos and videos. We will keep them on here until September. We hope that you are having a lovely summer! 


...To Year 6

 “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”
~Catherine of Siena


This term, we will be learning about war, focusing firstly on World War Two. We will be asking ourselves BIG QUESTIONS such as 'Is it right to fight?', 'What is a refugee?' and 'Is it possible to achieve world peace?'. To support us in our learning, we will be reading some fantastic books starting with 'Letters from the lighthouse' by Emma Carroll. Click the picture to find a masterclass led by Emma Carroll herself!

We will also be reading 'The boy at the back of the class' by Onjali Q Raúf, 'Rose Blanche' by Roberto Inncenti and Ian Mcwan, and the beautiful picture book 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan which each prompt discussions about the effects of war and choices that we make. 

WW2 resources and websites

 Create an Anderson Shelter.pdfDownload
 Make your own 3D Spitfire.pdfDownload
 Morse code.pdfDownload
 WW2 Cryptograms.pdfDownload
 WW2 Interactive Map and Timeline.pdfDownload
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During your time in Year 6, you will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. It is a beautiful celebration where you receive the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit. To learn more, click the picture and watch a fantastic video which describes the Holy Spirit beautifully. 

Feelings Cloud

It is really important to understand that it is normal to experience a range of feelings (there is no right or wrong), and during lockdown, our emotions may have been even more up and down than usual. It's good to recognise that there will be some days when we feel cheerful and happy, but other days when we might feel bored, sad or even angry. Try tracking your feelings in a feelings cloud. Is there a pattern or is it random? If you have lots of purples, blues, greys and reds, it's important to talk.

Maths Lessons with accompanying videos

Knowledge Organisers for Maths

 KO Algebra.pdfDownload
 KO Decimals.pdfDownload
 KO Fractionis.pdfDownload
 KO Measurments.pdfDownload
 KO Number and place value.pdfDownload
 KO Percentages.pdfDownload
 KO Perimeter and Area.pdfDownload
 KO Ratio.pdfDownload
 KO Shape and angles.pdfDownload
 KO Statistics.pdfDownload
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Picture News - Check out our PSHE page for thought provoking activities. Just click the picture.

Remember to talk to God every day. For prayer ideas, visit our 'Our Faith' page by clicking the picture

We are scientists...

Developing Experts is a comprehensive library of online, interactive science lessons with videos, presentations, quizzes and experiments - perfect for learning at home.

Children can enjoy ready-to-go science lessons in a program which fully maps the National Curriculum for year 6. Each part is developed by global science & education experts which help bring the learning to life. And the best part is your child can log on individually using their unique Mathletics password and their work, progress and understanding will be communicated and monitored to their teacher.

If you do not know your child's password please contact your teacher via Classdojo or the school via

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Grammar Help and Quizzes

 Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.pptDownload
 Main and subordinate clauses.pptDownload
 Modal Verbs.pptDownload
 Passive and active voice.pptDownload
 Relative Clauses.pptDownload
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Knowledge Organisers for Year 6 Books

 Goodnight Mister Tom.pdfDownload
 Private Peaceful.pdfDownload
 War Horse.pdfDownload
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The class of 2019-2020

Tuesday 14th July 2020 - Year 6 Leavers

Sports Award - Olivia

The Jerry Sheehy Award Presentation - Roisin

Governor Award - Joshua (Pt 1)

Governor Award - Ruby M

Governor Award - Joshua (Pt 2)

Sports Award - Will