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All children as part of the music curriculum here at Holy Family are encouraged to widen their music listening knowledge.

Each week children will be introduced to a new piece of music and a new composer.

They will be discussing the different styles and genres of music and identifying instruments, rhythms, mood and dynamics.

Please encourage your child to listen to these pieces of music at home and even explore other compositions the weekly composer has produced.


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Music Listening week 15
Week beginning 18 – 12 – 17

‘In Dulci Jubilo’

In dulci jubilo ("In sweet rejoicing") is a traditional Christmas carol. In its original setting, the carol is a text of German and Latin dating from the Middle Ages.  
The original song text, a macaronic alternation of Medieval German and Latin, is thought to have been written by the German mystic Heinrich Seuse circa 1328.  According to folklore, Seuse heard angels sing these words and joined them in a dance of worship.
There are many instrumental and vocal versions written by various composers over the years. An instrumental arrangement of the Pearsall version by English musician Mike Oldfield, "In Dulci Jubilo", reached number 4 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1976.
Take a listen to both and see what differences you can hear!








25/09/17 to 16/10/17