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Jesus said "Let the children come to me" We live and learn and love in His way.

 “Holy Family children are committed to improving our world locally and globally for tomorrow’s children.”

Last year our Eco-Committee was successful in earning our fourth Eco-Schools Green Flag. The assessor was very impressed with our leadership and commitment to making Holy Family a greener school. This year we want to focus on making sure our school is even more eco-friendly.

The Eco-Committee will be looking at how we can make our school grounds more appealing to wildlife; how we can reduce the amount of electricity and water we waste; how we can ensure our school grounds are litter free; how we can keep the people in our school healthy and reduce the traffic around our school and what we can do to make sure our actions don’t have disastrous consequences for people and animals across the world.

We will be helping our school to take part in big national eco-events and to stay green with small, everyday actions. Please help us to keep our school a green school.

What is Eco-Schools?

Eco-Schools is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world. It is an international award programme that guides schools on their sustainable journey, providing a framework to help embed these principles into curriculum and the heart of school life. Its mission is to help make every school become sustainable and to bring about behaviour change in young people and those connected to them so that good habits learned in schools are followed through into homes and communities.  Through the award system it provides a framework which helps schools to recognise good environmental practice and identify areas they need to improve on.

As Eco-Schools we are able to enjoy and share many benefits which include:

  • Enhancing our school curriculum
  • Linking with the community and sharing our sustainable expertise
  • Improving our school and its environment
  • Saving money through energy saving and other sustainable activities
  • Receiving recognition and publicity for our sustainable achievements

What’s more, by addressing environmental issues in school and reducing waste, we save money, which can be reinvested elsewhere.  For more information please click on the links below:


>  Eco Green Action Plan

>  Eco Code and Green Topics


Environment & Sustainability

Holy Family School has a long history of environmental development.  We proud of being the first school in Coventry to be presented with the Coventry Sustainable Schools Award.

It was awarded for our excellent sustainable work as well as showing great progress in all sustainable doorways and Eco-school topics. Our Children represented Coventry at a local Eco-schools show sharing our development and environmental achievements with other schools throughout the country.

Holy Family is environmentally active through a cross-curriculum approach and the Eco-school programme as we endeavour and aim to:

  • Include and engage staff, governors, pupils, parents and the local community in a commitment to improve the world today for tomorrow's children.
  • Share good practice with pupils, parents and the community thus encouraging them to adopt the initiatives.
  • Promote food and drink themes of their healthy eating schemes, improve school catering and promote water consumption to improve student and staff health, concentration and learning.
  • Conserve and monitor the use of energy and water.
  • Improve the local well-being of the wider community through their website and regular education for sustainable development related days or weeks of education and action.
  • Promote awareness of climate change through cross curricular activities and share the responsibility with the wider community for promoting and practising policies which show concern and care for the future of the global environment.
  • Develop our International School and Global Dimension status with related curriculum activities through the co-operation of outside agencies e.g. Water Aid. 

What is the Pod?

The Pod works in collaboration with Eco-Schools England to ensure all activities will help a school progress through the eco-schools programme. It is an interactive website for students, teachers and eco- coordinators and helps schools measure the impact of their projects and recognizes the effort undertaken to complete them.

For students it has great games, blogs, an interactive comic and media gallery which help them to take part in and understand how to improve their environment and sustainability. Schools win medals and certificates for each activity they complete and each schools progress can be seen on the national medal table. Check out the medal table. Holy Family is currently 8th on the Pod’s medal table. We now have three gold medals and two silver medals and one bronze medal.  

The medals we win depend on how much we have changed our school and how much effort we put into our blogs for each activity we take part in.

Visit the Pod and view Holy Family’s achievements so far.

Eco News & Links

May 2016

Following our visit from Councillor Ann Lucas, Year 5 went on an environmental walk to investigate if the council are doing enough to maintain our local area. We found many positives as well as areas for improvement. Therefore we are going to write a balanced argument to address issues related to: cleanliness and preservation of the natural environment and our safety.


October 2014




The assessor reported:

“The Eco-Team is very knowledgeable, extremely enthusiastic and show great pride in their environmental   work. Eco-schools work is very much part of the culture of the school rather than an optional add on. This is indicated in the level of involvement of parent, pupils and staff. The school organises sessions to train teachers from other schools in the Eco-school programme. The school does not stand still and strives for deeper involvement across the school. Teacher Resource files have been developed to provide guidance in embedding eco-themes into the curriculum and everyday school life”


Awarded: 01/06/2006

Awarded: 07/07/2007

Awarded: 20/07/2012
Awarded: 19/07/2010
Awarded: 15/06/2008


Parents join in Eco Club

Growing food to eat


Winners of the Sustainable Schools Award
Winners of the Sustainable Schools Award