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Science week 2017 has been another massive success. Our theme, ‘Science: Not just for scientists.’ has tried to show the children that they are surrounded by science all the time; from the constellations in the night sky to the chemical reactions in the kitchen.

Thanks to the financial support of parents/carers we’ve been able to welcome some very special scientific experts this week. ‘Science Discovery Domes’ showed a variety of films and presentations using the most advanced digital domes in the country capable of showing 360 degree pictures and films. Year 3 learnt about fossils and dinosaurs, Year 5 had a mixture of Space and Volcanoes and Year 6 looks at Space, constellations and the universe. The children absolutely loved being inside the dome giving them a unique experience – “It felt like I was actually floating through space!”

Year 3 & Year 4 took part in sessions with ‘Learning through drama’ which turned the sometimes difficult to learn principles of science into physical collaborations. Year 4, for example, became the digestive system, re-creating each stage by dramatising its action.

Midweek we welcomed the Forensic Scientist. A serious crime had been committed and it was up to the children to collaboratively piece together the evidence and solve the mystery. They had to analyse areas such as DNA, fingerprints and footprints molds to work out which of the suspects was the guilty party.

Mad Science returned to put on one of their superb science shows for the whole school which included levitating balls, instant mummification and a homemade hover-board, as well as running workshops for Years 1 & 2 who had the chance to do some ‘exciting and explosive’ science.

On Friday, after lunch, all the children gathered in the hall to witness Tim Peake carrying out the first ever spacewalk by an ‘official’ British astronaut. Major Peake stepped outside the International Space Station Quest airlock around 1.00pm GMT and (with fellow astronaut Tim Kopra) spent six hours on the exterior replacing faulty components. The ‘live link’ was sometimes hard to follow with sound and vision often freezing. However the children were genuinely fascinated by the experience, asking and answering questions about the event. It was one of those ‘I know where I was when….’ moments in history.

In the classrooms, each year group has been doing variety of activities from researching famous scientists to making slime, from creating scientific artwork to making chemical reactions. Thanks again to the parents and carers for their support, and thanks to the teachers and children who help make Science week 2016 such a big success.



Science Quality Mark

Holy Family is very proud to announce that it has been awarded The Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) Silver award for the standard of teaching and learning within the subject. The PSQM is an award scheme which guides primary schools across the UK to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their science provision. It has enabled the staff at Holy Family to focus on the important aspects which have culminated in our new ‘Principles of Science’. Winning the award means Holy Family have joined a very small, elite number of Coventry schools who are firstly, providing outstanding lessons in Science and secondly, are continually reflecting and improving on the learning experience they provide. Congratulations to all the staff and thankyou to the children who demonstrate their enthusiasm and dedication to Science in each lesson.

Below is some of the evidence and amazing activities that Holy Family submitted to gain this prestigious award.