Ethos, Values & Aims

Jesus said “Let the children come to me”

We live and learn and love in his way

Our School Aims:

  • To enrich the Christ Centred experience of all who enter our school as they walk and are led on their journey of faith.
  • To care for the spiritual well being of all by promoting the core values of the Beatitudes.
  • To set and maintain high expectations which challenge and enable each child to reach his or her full human potential.
  • To develop each adult and child within the school community as highly motivated learners who seek to extend themselves in mind, body and spirit and know their uniqueness is cherished.
  • To value all successes: academic, social and personal, that each member of the school community experiences, in order that children and adults appreciate the value of being fully rounded individuals.
  • To work with parents/carers and the community for the health and well being of all.
  • To nurture responsible citizens who have a thoughtful attitude towards the local, national and global community.
  • To enable pupils to experience, encouragement and support as they consider all the options that will influence decisions and choices about their future life.
  • To ensure that the Catholic way of life permeates the whole curriculum.
  • To make prayer, worship and liturgy real spiritual and educational experiences, that contributes to the development of the faith of each individual in the school community.
  • To create a dynamic interaction between Home, Parish and School, which acknowledges the important partnership, required for pupils’ learning and provides preparation for pupils’ entry into the wider community.


As part of God's family we at Holy Family School are inspired by the Gospel way of life. 

We are a community of faith.

Our dynamic and active faith acknowledges fully the responsibility and privilege of parents who are the first educators of their children, the role of the school who nurtures the faith and the role of the Parish where we worship as a community.

In Holy Family School, each child is loved and cared for as an individual, in an environment which strives to enable each child/person to reach his/her God given potential. We aim to create a culture to support success.  A culture where everyone is accepted and valued.

In this context our hope is that everyone who enters our school will be touched in some way by our compassionate ethos – a Christ centred ethos based on love for one another.

Our vision is that we will create and promote a school with an atmosphere of welcome and a climate that nurtures deep respect for The British Values and the core values of The Beatitudes.

Diocesan Values and Virtues:

Each half term we have a particular focus: 


Value & Virtue

Autumn 1 2023

Grateful & Generous

Autumn 2 2023

Attentive & Discerning

Spring 1 2024

Compassionate & Loving

Spring 2 2024

Faith-filled & Hopeful

Summer 1 2024

Eloquent & Truthful

Summer 2 2024

Learned & Wise

Autumn 1 2024

Curious & Active

Autumn 2 2024

Intentional & Prophetic




Aims for Children

We are a school that:

  1.  Has Jesus as our role model.
  2.  Treats others as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  3.  Expects you to do well.
  4.  Understands that you are unique.
  5.  Values all that you achieve and attain
  6.  Helps you to feel safe and healthy.
  7.  Teaches you to look after each other, to live by The British  Values and to have  respect for your community and the world  in which you live.
  8.  Supports and encourages you to become a respectable citizen.
  9.  Ensures the Gospel way of life underpins everything you do.
  10.  Believes it is as natural to pray, as it is to breathe.
  11.  Knows it is important for Home and School and Parish to work  together.

Aims for Parents

We are a school that:

  1. Has Christ at the centre of our daily lives.
  2. Cares for our children by “living” the core values of the Beatitudes.
  3. Expects our children to do well.
  4. Understands that each child is a unique individual.
  5. Values children’s attainment and wider achievements
  6. Helps children to feel safe and healthy.
  7. Nurtures children to look after each other, to live by The British Values and to have respect for the community and the world in which they live.
  8. Supports and encourages our children to become responsible citizens who are.
  9. Ensures that the Gospel way of life underpins everything we do.
  10. Believes it is as natural to pray, as it is to breathe.
  11. Acknowledges the importance of the Home, School and Parish working together to develop the whole child.