Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium is additional government funding allocated to schools so that they can address inequalities between children eligible for free school meals and their peers.  Schools must demonstrate that the expenditure is contributing to closing performance gaps between children who experience social disadvantage and others.  The grant is intended to benefit children who are currently in school.

The funding is based on the numbers of children from low income families who have registered for free school meals in the last six years, who are in care or have been in care, or have parents in the Armed Forces.

At Holy Family School we work hard to help all of our pupils overcome barriers to learning and challenge the under performance of all pupils through careful analysis of data.  We use evidence from the Sutton Trust toolkit and the Education Endowment Foundation Teaching & Learning Toolkit to inform us which strategies are most effective for Pupil Premium children.  We evaluate the impact of interventions regularly to enable us to assess which strategies are working and demonstrate that gaps in attainment are closing.  


Applying for Free School Meals

Please follow this link to see if you are eligible for free school meals. The application can also be made by following this link: Free School Meals – Coventry City Council


Pupil Premium Strategy

Previous Academic Years

Pupil_Premium_2017_18.pdf .pdf
Pupil_Premium_2018_19.pdf .pdf
Pupil_Premium_2019_20.pdf .pdf
Pupil_Premium_2020_21.pdf .pdf
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Whilst the grant allocation is made each financial year, schools plan teaching over the academic year.