STEM is a combination of Science, Technology, engineering and Maths. STEM activities encourage Holy Family children to be curious, creative and couragous. 

Year 4 children had the opportunity to take part in the Stemazing Inspiration Academy, which is six live sessions designed to inspire and encourage children to understand and enjoy learning STEM. Each session is led by a leading woman in STEM to showcase female role models and to change outdated perceptions of what a scientist, technologiost and engineer looks like. 

The STEMazing Inspiration Academy sessions were as follows -

STEM 1 - Straw Rocket Blasters

STEM 2 - Stemazing Structures

STEM 3 - Potential Energy Poppers

STEM 4 - Amazing Aerodynamics

STEM 5 - Planet Protectors

STEM 6 - Discovering Density

As you'll see from the potographs and videos, the children really enjoyed each session and found them truely inspiring.