Our Children as Leaders

We encourage our children through the School Council, House Captains, Playground Pals and Eco Warriors to be autonomous and to take responsibility for their own actions, enabling them to take an active role in the life of the school. Various groups within school are responsible for making sure the "pupil voice" is heard, this voice has an influence on whole school decision making.

School Council

Holy Family School Council are the voice of the pupils! We are a democratically elected body who meet every half term to consider issues that are important in our school. We gather the views of the pupils in our classes and ensure that teachers understand what it is like to be a pupil at Holy Family.

In addition to this, we also help to make decisions about the things that affect us as pupils, like the design of the merit awards, purchasing resources for wet play times and rotas for using different equipment around school as well as raising money for charity. We are proud to be ambassadors for our school, representing Holy Family at a number of events and are pleased to help anyone who approaches.


Our School Council members this year are:

Y6 - Kiyanna, Holly, Marek, Robin

Y5 – Andre, Bolu, Roman, Maya

Y4 – Isla, Julian, Gracie, Antonia 

Y3 – Jacob, Victoria, Leah, Emmie 

Y2 – Angelica, Pola, Annie, William 

School Council Minutes

School Council Minutes 12.10.23.pdf .pdf
School Council 24.1.24.pdf .pdf
School Council Meeting 28.2.24.pdf .pdf

The School Council gathered together to vote on the Merit Certificate competition. It was a very difficult job but they managed to pick winners for KS1 and KS2.

The School Council joined with the Eco Team to create a video about Plastic Pollution. Please take a moment to watch our film.