Code of Conduct  



Pupils at Holy Family Catholic Primary School have the right to an education, which offers them every opportunity to attain their full potential. The Head teacher, teaching staff and support staff are here to create the circumstances to allow this to happen. Governors, parents and the wider community also assist in this process.

The Golden rules of our code of conduct are:

  •   Respect self, fellow pupils, teachers and other adults
  •   Respect their own and other people’s property
  •   Be courteous, well-mannered and well-behaved
  •   Be honest, trusting and hard-working
  •   Take responsibility for words and actions
  •   Be friendly and co-operative
  •   Show tolerance towards others

In order for the above to be achieved it is essential that every member of the school community acknowledges and reflects the values promoted by the school:


The Principles in Action

These values and principles underpin our school ethos and are seen to be met when pupils observe the following:

I will:

  • come to school on time
  • be prepared, by doing my homework and bringing all the books and items I need for work and play
  • do my work to the best of my ability
  • work with others in my group
  • do as my teacher/ teaching assistant asks
  • not shout, swear or use bad language
  • take care of my books and school equipment
  • help to look after the school buildings and grounds
  • not take other people’s belongings
  • not fight, bully or argue with others

I know that the following behaviour is unacceptable:

  • being disruptive in class or when lining up or in the corridor
  • using bad language
  • bullying, threatening behaviour
  • physical violence
  • vandalism 
  • truancy

This Code of Conduct has been written with the well being of the children in mind, in order that they may grow and develop into respectful and responsible citizens.

Emphasis in the school is on promoting good behaviour rather than on punishing bad. We feel however that in the rare cases of bad behaviour parents should be aware of the procedures used in school to ensure that Holy Family Catholic Primary School is a happy and safe place for all.