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Spelling Overview

What spellings will your child focus on this year?

Click on the link below to see a  planning overview for spellings.


Spellings are certainly tricky and the English language contains well over a million words and has been affected by some 1,300 years of history. As the National Curriculum reminds us, “Most people read words more accurately than they spell them.” With this in mind, we shall be introducing a clear and systematic view for teaching spellings that will provide our children with life-long strategies. This spelling program is in line with the National Curriculum.  Spellings will be taught logically to see the magic of words, the patterns and how words can help transform their quality of writing.

The underlying structure of the approach is based on the three zones of spelling, explored through:

  • Patterns in words
  • Remembering patterns and rules
  • recall of spellings  


How do we organise the teaching of spelling at Holy Family?

Week one:   Children experience 2 lessons: organised into 30 minutes/20 minutes.  During one session children focus on a spelling investigation and ways of writing the phonic sounds using a letter/letters known as graphemes.  This is known as a Go Grapheme Grafter lesson .  Children identify the 'tricky bits' in a word or patterns that they know.  This helps them to spell words accurately.

Week 2:  During week 2, 50 minutes of spelling teaching is split into 5 x 10 minute sessions to experience pace and take a quicker look at spellings involving analysis of common errors, why these errors occur and what to do to ensure that the correct spelling embeds in their long-term memory – this approach will ensure all pupils from Year 2-Year 6 will have a systematic approach to spellings


Underpinning the new spellings, there will be no homework but the children will have progress checks every 2 weeks.  Some children (where appropriate) will have 5 ‘tricky word’ spellings to work on at home.  Please see the spelling overview above which shows you which spellings each year group will focus on.

At Holy Family we follow a structured program -  'Write Stuff' Spelling' which is matched to the National Curriculum.


Reception – Year 1 children will have a daily phonics session   (For more information please click on the RWI phonics link below)


If you have any further questions relating to our spelling scheme, please speak to your child’s class teacher.